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Indian industry sector often encounters several issues from inception to applications of the ideas which require attention of experts to resolve the several technical issues. Generally small industry sector do not afford fulltime experts in various discipline or such expertise may be required for a short time. This rendered the small industry in general and also multinationals helpless to meet the pressure of new technology, operational cost as well as regulatory issues. To fulfill the gap between knowledge and commercial applications, ISCB has started to help and support Indian industry to meet the challenges at affordable expenses.

ISCB comprises a team of expert scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs as members who are willing to interact with a desired group for a fruitful interaction.

ISCB has primary objective to provide consultancy service to pharma, chemical and biotech industry with the help of our experts working in different disciplines of chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences from both academia as well as industrial setup.

The identified areas of services are as follows:

  • Project report
  • Process development.
  • Impurity profiling.
  • Information regarding APIs.
  • IPR Issues and Patent writing.
  • Quality control and Quality assurance isssues.
  • GLP, GMP and GCP and other regulatory issues.
  • Setting up of New Industrial Units.
  • Liaison services for academia and Industry from abroad.

Specialized support for:

  • Heterocyclic chemistry.
  • Natural Products chemistry.
  • Carbohydrate chemistry.
  • Peptide and protein chemistry.
  • Nucleoside, nucleotide, and Oligonucleotides.
  • General Organic chemistry.
  • Purification and Characterization methods.
  • Establishment of bioassay methods.
  • Formulation development.

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